Venkatesh MahaTelugu directors insulting KGF 2 storyProbably the directors feel themselves superior when they are asked to sit and talk about films on a topic. Looks like they will immediately feel superior. Director Venkatesh Maha has stirred controversy with his strange antics in a Youtube Round Table interview. The interview also features directors – Nandini Reddy, Indraganti Mohana Krishna, Shiva Nirvana, and Vivek Athreya.

Venkatesh Maha who is one and a half film olds (the second being a remake) was cracking a joke on Prashant Neel’s KGF 2. He apparently feels absurd when the protagonist’s mother wants him to become exploiter as he makes riches using the people in KGF barely giving them anything.

He calls the hero’s character as Neech Kamine Kutte. Venkatesh Maha was very animated and agitated while narrating this as if he has a rivalry with Prashant Neel and he is seen enjoying tearing it apart as if can not stand the movie success.

The issue here is not with his opinion about KGF but the way he expressed it and the language he used.Most commercial films have hollow stories. For that matter, even the kind of films Venkatesh Maha makes also have logical liberties.

He was so casual about it because Prashant Neel is not a Telugu director? Can he be so critical or aggressive about several mindless commercial entertainers in Telugu featuing top Telugu heroes?

Directors who take moral high ground with the stories they make ridicule another directors just like that because they feel it is safe they are of other languages.

Some thing even sad is other directors enjoying the jibe thoroughly. Shiva Niravana, at least felt uncomfortable at some point but Seniors – Nandini Reddy and Indraganti and also Viveka Athreya were like rolling on the floor with laughter. So sad!