Week 6: Bigg Boss Playing With Emotions of ContestantsAfter a heated nominations segment, Bigg Boss introduced the captaincy contenders’ task in the Bigg Boss house. Named Battery Recharge, the task has more to do with the emotions of the housemates.

Bigg Boss planned the task in such a way that the housemates would take a lot of emotional stress. Bigg Boss arranged a battery indicator in the house. From time to time, the housemates will be called to the confession room. They will be given three choices, and they will have to select one without fail.

If they reject the option, the entire house will face the consequences.

By announcing this, Bigg Boss cleverly plays the game with the housemates’ minds. There is no other option for the housemates except to pick the choice. Every option comes up with a cost.

Shrihan’s choice cost 15 percent while Sudeepa’s choice cost 30 percent, and Adi Reddy’s choice cost 40 percent of the battery. As Revanth and Geethu violated the rules of the Bigg Boss house, Bigg Boss took away ten percent from the battery indicator.

It is already creating guilt in the minds of housemates, and it pushes them to play tasks to increase the battery percentage. The responsibility will now be on the three housemates to increase the battery percentage. If they fail to do so, they will become villains.

The current task is very complicated, and no one can point fingers at others for making choices because it is all related to their emotions and families.

However, those who will bring the battery percentage down by violating the rules will face the heat.