salaman khan shirtlessThe most famous Bollywood hero among those who has a great body and also seems to be prone to go shirtless is Salman Khan. He knows how to make his female fans go gaga by removing his shirt not only in films but also during public performances and shows.

In a recent fashion show, when he walked the ramp, the megastar revealed the secret behind his shirtless acts. He says that he is allergic to clothes, uncomfortable to be precise and hence likes to wear minimal clothes. Probably this habit is inherited by him from his father and writer Salim Khan who also feels uncomfortable wearing clothes.

If you have any doubts regarding this revelation from the supersar, he has no problem if you check on him when he is at home and you may end up seeing him bare chested and with only pyjamas. Besides fans, his producers must be full happy that they could make the most out of his shirtless acts. What a boon for them!