Weak Advances- Kaala Flirting- With LingaaIrrespective of what is happening elsewhere with Kaala and its release, there is a different story happening altogether in Telugu states. For starters, it is getting a smooth release with no issues at all. It is the good news.

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However, that is the best part. The reality isn’t a rosy picture. The advance booking for Kaala has been opened from Sunday itself. But the housefuls are still missing with just a day left for release. What is worse is that it is not even a near full kind of situation. The bookings are weak, and that would be putting it mildly.

Superstar’s last release Kabali came with a massive build-up and hype. The morning shows were packed and the overall first day was superb. The one before Lingaa also had a fine beginning but slowed down considerably later. Kaala, as of now, is flirting with Lingaa.

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Everything depends on the talk now that would be out by midnight. We have seen few examples among Telugu biggies where positive talk helps in fast pick up of bookings whereas, on the opposite, the movie collapses totally. Which way will Kaala go? Watch this space.