We Had to Re-Write the Second Half - Naga ShauryaNaga Shourya’s ‘Ashwathama’ has promised the audiences that the hero is going to come before the audiences with a different story, a screenplay-based movie. In the process of developing the script, they had to re-write the entire second half of the story.

While scripting the story, the writers felt that the original second half was like a lag and hindering the flow. Naga Shourya who wrote the story felt that the scriptwriters Teja and Phani came up with a better and flow Shourya has to re-write the story.

Naga Shourya who penned the story knows the character he played in and out, and so he understood how far he can take it and elevate it to his maximum capacity.

The handsome guy’s upcoming movies after ‘Ashwathama’ look very interesting. One of the stories is said to be revolving around archery backdrop and then, he has a movie with Avasarala Srinivas ‘Palana Ammayi Palana Abbayi’ which he thinks would be one of his good movies, so far.