We-Don't-Deserve-This-Extreme-Love---Ram-PothineniOne Sandeep Kumar’s extreme show of affection towards Ram Pothineni made the young hero turn a bit introspective asking if as actors they feel that they don’t deserve to be trolled, actors need to understand that they don’t deserve the extreme love either.

Ram requested to his die-hard fan Sandeep Kumar not to do it again. Sandeep Kumar climbed all the way to Tirumala on his knees praying that Ram’s upcoming movie ‘iSmart Shankar‘ becomes a blockbuster.

A video surfaced on social media showing Sandeep climbing the steps on his knees. Though Ram must be happy for the kind of admiration he was showered upon, the young hero was more concerned if Sandeep Kumar was okay.

Actors will be eternally grateful for such acts as they know what it means to them. But, the die-hard fans must also understand that this isn’t the way to show their fandom. They can use their energies for more creative things like helping the needy in the name of their favorite hero. What say?