Despite the fact that cops have affirmed a few times about Uday Kiran’s passing is a suicide, they are making sure they won’t leave any questions behind on this celebrity sudden death. After getting a detailed statement from Uday Kiran’s wife Vishita last week, now police has concentrated on financial angle. It was rumored that pressure from financiers could have pushed Uday to commit suicide. Police has spoken to Sangeetha and Siva who lent money for his stalled project Damit Katha Addam Tirigindi.

On the other hand, finaniers have clarified that they never loaned any funds to Uday Kiran directly. It was his manager Munna who is also the producer of the film borrowed the money from financiers. Talking to media financiers said because of this suicide act they are now suffering to repay the money which they have borrowed from some one else. Sangeetha (Financier) clarified they have never put any sort of pressure on Uday Kiran for repaying their money.

What forced Uday Kiran to commit suicide still remains an open question.