We Did It With Balakrishna’s Permission

Allari Naresh - Balakrishna Song RemakeThe teaser of Allari Naresh’s remix song ‘Swathilo Muthyamantha’ indeed looked refreshing and an apt one to release on the hero’s birthday. It’s for Allari Naresh’s upcoming movie ‘Bangaru Bullodu’ remixed for Allari Naresh’s movie with the same title.

The makers of the movie confirmed that they used the title of Balakrishna’s super hit movie after taking the required permission from the Nandamuri hero. That implies, they must have sought the permission for remixing the song, as well.

The rain song picturised on Balayya and Raveena Tandon rocked the charts back then. Now, it looked apt for remixing the song, once again unlike many other songs that couldn’t create the magic of the original song.

Here, the mood is important and hence, it looked good for Allari Naresh. The comic hero experimented doing a character role in Maharshi and now, he seems to be back with his usual comic hero roles.

Hope, this movie helps the versatile actor who proved himself that he can even do serious roles and hog the limelight.

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