We-Can't-Ban-Nagarjuna-RGV-Movie---Allu-AravindOut of total frustration and also because the time has arrived that they had to respond, Allu Aravind held a personal press meet and opened up on RGV’s role in the entire episode concerning Sri Reddy using the cuss word on Pawan Kalyan.

He exposed RGV completely and also saw a hidden political ploy behind all this high drama allegedly sketched by RGV and his alleged coterie. Aravind also hinted at a political conspiracy behind RGV’s cruel and intelligent brain. Looks like, Allu Aravind controlled himself from going overboard or sounding too harsh. But, he made his point clear.

He also left to the common sense of the audiences to decide if people like RGV has to be in the industry or whether must be shown the door. When asked if the industry would ban RGV’s upcoming movie ‘Officer’ starring Nagarjuna, Allu Arvind asked, “How can we ban? It’s not in our hands and who are we to ask for a ban?” This is the summary of what Allu Aravind primarily spoke at the press meet.

After Allu Aravind’s remarks on RGV, do you think the industry will seriously think of banning RGV and his films? What about RGV-Nag’s upcoming movie ‘Officer”?