We Are the Brand Ambassadors of Nepotism -Allu ArjunWhenever the topic of discussion happens to be on nepotism, the first illustrious family that comes into our thoughts from the Telugu Film Industry is the Mega family, by default. Allu Arjun wouldn’t be spared from being posed the same question, again and again.

In a recent interview with the Bollywood media, the same topic about nepotism came up when the interviewer asked the stylish star his take on nepotism. Immediately, Allu Arjun said, “We are the brand ambassadors of nepotism.”

The stylish star took the question in a jovial manner and explained how he was also the child of nepotism and got the advantage during the initial years of his career. But, he survived in the industry for more than a decade and that’s only because of hard work.

Well, he has got a point. However, the initial support extends till a star kid arrives as a star in the industry in most of the cases. The commoners don’t enjoy that privilege. At the end of the day, it’s entertainment that counts and those who entertain survive in the industry.