We are a hit pair says Kajal

Once upon a time, hit pairs in cinemas used to be pretty common as actors used to do more number of films. There used to be hit pairs and hit combination and people used to anticipate a film big time if it had those combinations, right. Today with the number of films done by star reducing considerably such things look like a thing of past. But there are still some exceptions now and then.

Ram Charan and Kajal’s pairing is one such exception says heroine Kajal. The actress who has worked twice with Ram Charan and is currently working on a third film, says that they are hit pair. She says that she has seen Ram Charan from the initial days in Magadheera and now with Govindudu Andari Vadele, the star has grown tremendously. It is good to be part of such a pair, feels the actress.

They could truly claim to be a hit pair but for that one needs to wait till their biggest challenge together Govindudu Andari Vadele releases. Don’t you guys think so?