Director Maruti seems to be quite set in his theory about a film’s script and the way it is executed. Following the success of his small budget film Ee Rojullo, Maruti received a number of offers from big banners and actors but he stuck to the format he believed in, that is picking up subjects that are made to tackle issue concerning the youth.

Accordingly his latest flick Bus Stop deals with the eternal relationship between a parent and child and how it might start to fall apart when the child starts to grow up and fall in love. Maruti elaborated, “While in Ee Rojullo we showed how boys and girls are using each other for their selfish interests, here the story deals with the relationship between parents and children. The children do love their parents but when they fall in love their attitude towards their parents completely changes. They start lying, cheating and the parents brush off their behaviour as a passing phase. They think their children are ‘bangaram’ and they seldom get into problems. There’s no reality check.”

Bus Stop that has actors like Prince of Ee Rojullo and Sri Divya of Mallela Theeram in its lineup is currently in the final leg of its shoot and is scheduled to be released in November.