Tollywood actress and producer Lakshmi Manchu has an upcoming romantic drama film Gundello Godari’, which recounts a fictionalised romantic story against the backdrop of 1986 Godavari floods. Talking about the experiences of the filming, Manchu relates that the biggest trouble regarding the whole thing was the excessive amount of water involved.

As she explains, 40 acres of land next to Godavari was used in the film where water had been saved in tanks for the shoot. The whole thing was very challenging. Talking further about the film making process, Manchu reveals that they had used about 30 minutes CGI to augment most of the scenes that had been captured live. The recreation of the flood scene on sets was done by allowing the stored water to flow through the village which was created for the film.

The film is scheduled to be released in Telugu on Friday, while the Tamil version titled ‘Maranthen Mannithen’ is scheduled to be released on March 23.