Kamal Haasan seems to following the new technological trends, to the extent that his new film bilingual film ‘Vishwaroopam’ is expected to be released in on Direct-To-Home (DTH) platform a few hours before the theatrical release of the film. The decision regarding this movie is awaited today, although, the various plans concerning its implementation has already been made.

“My film (`Vishwaroopam`) will have a release via DTH before it hits the theatres. It will be a one time show and I`m certain that it will help the producers find a new revenue stream. The cost of watching the film on DTH will be approximately Rs.1,000,” said Kamal in a press statement.

Regarding the potential loss of theatre audience, Kamal said that, “If only three percent of population in Tamil Nadu use DTH services, then how much loss can one show of my film possibly cause the producers or theatre owners? In fact, to telecast the film on DTH will serve as a teaser to attract more audiences to cinemas.”