Unrealistic-Expectations-of-People-on-Star-HeroesNo, it is not the expectation on the performance or the work of them, here we are talking about the heroism that the people like this man in the video are having for the star heroes of our industry. While to what extent should the cinema people take social responsibility for what they do in their films is debatable, there are quite unrealistic expectations for some men like this guy.

The video of a Telangana citizen made in reaction to the unfortunate rape-murder of #JusticeForDisha is going viral on the internet where we can see him abusing the star heroes including Chiranjeevi, Tarak, Ravi Teja, Prabhas and all the top mass heroes who showed heroic performances of saving women and delivering huge dialogues on women empowerment.

While the intention was to demand their involvement in the protest against rapes as their support drags a lot of attention to the issue, his way of abusive convey did no good but only bad. What we see the heroes do in the films is not real and it is not even realistic to expect them to do those stunts outside in real life. But the stars can always draw proper attention with their power as public figures like Mahesh Babu did and expecting that is fair enough. What say?