Thaman-on-Nani-Going-After-Allu-Arjun's-Blockbuster's-Template!Early in the day, Nani’s ‘Tuck Jagadish‘ teaser came as a birthday gift from the makers of the film and besides being an instant attention-seeker, the teaser has also distinctly grabbed the attention for using the same template and music flavour of Allu Arjun’s chartbuster ‘Sittarala Sirapadu’ from Ala Vaikumthapurramloo’.

This discussion took us back to an old interview of music director Thaman who clearly mentioned the reason why he sometimes has to do a song inspired by another song or else, a clear copy of another song. He tagged himself as a bad copy cat’ who can’t copy the tunes without getting caught.

Thaman’s explanation fell into the right place when he said that it’s the pressure from the makers of that particular movie that sometimes makes him use inspiration from another song directly or else copy a tune. “Otherwise, why would I copy directly and be blamed for lifting a song?”

That explains the reason behind ‘Yetikokka Puta Yaanaadi Paata’ being similar to Allu Arjun’s song and even the template of picturization being almost similar. So, who is behind this, Nani or the makers? Whoever or whatever might be the reason, as along as it works and helps the movie without hurting others, it’s fine, right?