Sri-Reddy-Counter-to-Lakshmi-Manchu's-CommentsLike other artists, even Manchu Lakshmi responded on the casting couch issue and questioned why a girl has to stoop down to that level satisfying the desires of men for the sake of movie offers. She even said that there are agencies and councils which can be approached in case if there was anything like that.

As a counter to Manchu Lakshmi’s comments, Sri Reddy revealed that even she received some invitations for the parties in Manchu Lakshmi’s house. “Didn’t drugs and other things happen there?” Sri Reddy advised Lakshmi to take care of the pimps in the Movie Arts Association instead of criticising people like her who are fighting for a cause.

Sri Reddy threatened with some names who Manchu Lakshmi allegedly brought from North, kept them in her house, recommended as heroines and also brought them offers. She also expressed fear that Lakshmi Manchu may try to kidnap and assault her with the help of her rowdies.