Shakalaka-ShankarRight from the time, Shakalaka Shankar started promotions for his movie ‘Shambo Shankara’ featuring himself as the lead, he has been on a different tempo making big claims, indulging in self-praise and throwing satires on others.

He didn’t spare big names like Trivikram Srinivas and Ravi Teja. According to him, he approached both of them and also Allu Sirish. All of them neither rejected him nor were ready to produce a film in which Shankar will be the hero. He also included Dil Raju and how he tried to convince the producer to invest Rs. 3 crores and the movie would pay him back Rs. 13 crores.

The above said talk was part of his lengthy speech at the pre-release event of ‘Shambo Shankara’. Besides throwing satires on big names, the comedian turned hero high-praised Pawan Kalyan calling him ‘My God’ and trying to portray himself as a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of PK hoping that his fans will support him and make his film a big hit.

Do you think that this controversial talk will help him? Will PK fans throng to theatres to watch him?