Mr Chandramouli - Yedhedho Aanene Hot Video SongThe video of the most talked about song, ‘Edhedho Anenea’ from the Tamil movie ‘Mr Chandramouli’ is out. The song created quite a buzz because of Regina Cassandra’s glamour show in a couple of bikinis and skimpy outfits in the beach song.

To be frank, it’s a treat to watch Regina’s flawless beauty in the song that is shot quite an aesthetic manner that is pleasing to the eyes instead of just the sexual implicitness. Regina’s picture perfect physique and flawless complexion will leave us admiring her even more if you are her die-hard fan, already.

Maybe, we didn’t get to see this avatar of the beauty in Tollywood movies. Only a few actresses can look elegant and sexy in the close shots and Regina is certainly one of those rare actresses. The chemistry between Regina and hero Gautham Karthik keeps the audiences’ eyes hooked to the screen, all the while without blinking even for a second.