Director Teja is one of the dynamic filmmakers in Telugu cinema and here’s what he had to say when we sat down with him for an interview.

When asked how he could convince Suresh Babu who is tough on scripts “that is a general misconception. Who are we to have egos while making a film? Suresh Babu garu only asks logical questions. It’s good for the film.”

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Teja stated that he liked working with Suresh Babu’s son Abhiram on Ahimsa. “There was this one time when I had to pinch him to get the right emotion in the scene. The film shaped up well.”

“I understand why stars like Mahesh might not be too interested in working with me. Stars like them look for in-form and successful directors.”

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About dropping out of NTR biopic “I have no regrets. I’ll still make content on NTR. It could be a series and I’m working on it. I am looking to cast NTR’s grandson, who is also named after NTR.”

About Uday Kiran conspiracy he said “everyone knows what happened with his death but they try to squirt it out of my mouth. I’ll speak about it at the right time and right stage.”

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Watch the interview to catch more tidbits, including the one on how he explain the “high priced popcorn is killing at multiplexes is killing theatrical market” statement.