watch-nikhil-exclusive-wedding-videoIn a typical South Indian traditional ceremony, hero Nikhil Siddharth has tied the knot with his girlfriend Pallavi Varma. It was a simple ceremony with only family members present in attendance as the lockdown rules ensured that.

Here is the exclusive first glimpse of the wedding video of Nikhil and Pallavi during the ‘Thalambralu’ event when the bride and the bridegroom were pouring the sacred turmeric rice grains on each others’ heads and the sacred rice streaming down their heads into their laps.

Nikhil is handsome as Pellikoduku, and Pallavi is like Lord Sita during Sitarama Kalyanam. Though it might be a little overboard to compare them to Sitarama Kalyanam, the sanctity of the traditional style wedding made us do it.

Don’t forget to watch this video and bless this lovely couple, ‘Happy Married Life’.