Naresh_Pavitra_Lokesh_WeddingNaresh and Pavitra are one of the most talked about couples in recent times and they have now dropped a major life update.

In a new video featuring the couple, we see them entering wedlock as they tie the knot. This video announces that Naresh and Pavitra are officially married now.

Both Naresh and Pavitra are seen with beaming smiles on their faces in the video and after a fair bit of controversial incidents pertaining to Naresh’s ex-wife, the couple has now gotten married.

We also see friends and family in a joyous mood as they congratulate the couple on the big occasion of getting married.

Naresh and Pavitra have been spotted together in multiple public events in the recent past and they have now made it official with their marriage. They should sure be excited about the prospect of togetherness.

“A lifetime of peace and joy” the final shot in the marriage announcement video reads and that is exactly what the newly married couple should be hoping for.