NTR: One, Balakrishna: ZeroThe gap between Balakrishna and NTR is evident to everyone. A section of fans both sides fight with each other but when they suddenly become so different when one of the two heroes speak high about the other. One incident in Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu evoked a similar reaction.

One of the contestant got a interesting question. Lux Papa song from Narasimha Naidu was played and the contestant was asked which movie it is from. He easily answered it as Narasimha Naidu. NTR then remembered and revealed an incident regarding the film.

“I grew up watching Babai’s films. Narasimha Naidu is one film I had a blast. I remember it watching in Urvashi theater. I enjoyed a lot and in happiness kicked the seat before me and it immediately got broken,” NTR revealed with a spark and glee in his eyes

He also revealed about the influence of films on him. “I always wanted to become an actor since my childhood. I am very much influenced by grandfather’s, father’s, and Babai’s films. I only know acting. I would do anything for acting. I would even die for acting,” NTR revealed.