Watch: Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) Facing Music from Mahesh Babu's FansIt’s hard to get away after delivering a mediocre album like ‘Maharshi’ without getting trolled by social media users. Here, is a video made by the frustrated fans who were completely disappointed with Devi Sri Prasad for the album he had delivered for Mahesh Babu‘s landmark 25th movie.

One must appreciate the creativity in the video equating actor Rami Reddy to DSP and the frustration of Kota Srinivas implying the reaction of Mahesh Babu’s fans. The video is outrightly hilarious and of course, satirical on the quality of the product rendered by the music director who had had the chance to score music thrice for the Superstar.

This album stands on the top of the flop audios of Mahesh Babu. Thus, all the pressure to impress the fans and the common audiences before the release rests on the shoulders of the theatrical trailer, alone. This evening, the trailer will be unveiled at the pre-release event of ‘Maharshi’.

It will be a big relief for the makers of the movie if the trailer lives up to the expectations leaving the bad memories of the flop audio DSP delivered and also nullify its negative effect. A huge burden on the trailer to impress big time. Hope, a big relief is in store for the fans, this evening.

By the way, the above-said troll video is going viral on social media platforms. Watch it here.