Adivi Sesh’s HIT 2 is releasing on December 2nd. The recently released trailer impressed big time and caught up with him for an interview.

“Sailesh literally had a blast with this film. HIT 2 has a bigger span than the first part. It is a thriller with spine chilling elements. It will be another different offering from me to the audience,” Sesh said.

“I have my set of audience and I am happy in this space. I believe in organic growth. My career should not be uneven like Tesla stocks or cryptocurrency. I want it steady like Microsoft stock,” he confidently said.

M9News also asked him about allegations if overshadowing his directors. “There is nothing like that. Probably it looks so because I am the writer of my previous films. But it is not the case with HIT 2. Both me and Nani gave enough space to Sailesh and it is his show,” he explained.

Watch this interview for many more interesting topics like Sesh about his mother, difference between Nani and Mahesh Babu, the pain Mahesh is going through, liplocks, etc.