Ram-Charan---Rajasekhar---RangasthalamRajasekhar is actually in a good space after PSV Garudavega turned out be a breather, actually, oxygen for him to breathe again. Before that, the senior actor was ready to do negative roles if given a chance backed by a good script.

He announced it when he was sitting idle with no lead roles coming his way. His inspiration was Jagapathi Babu, back then. There was a rumor that he was offered Jagapathi Babu’s role in ‘Rangasthalam’.

But, Rajasekhar said that he wasn’t offered the role at all but genuinely appreciated Jagapathi’s performance. Now that he is back to playing lead roles after PSV Garudavega, it’s extremely important that his next ‘Kalki‘ should impress the audiences.

To continue as a lead hero, he needs to inculcate faith with this movie coming on 28th June. So far, everything is good for the movie as Prashanth Varma, the director has cut an interestinhg teaser followed by an intriguing trailer.