Warning Bells For Nag AshwinNag Ashwin is one helluva talented director who can impress both classes and masses alike. He is now coming up with one of the costliest projects made in our country, Project K, starring Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, and Amitabh Bachchan.

There is a lot of secrecy about this project and everything is kept under wraps. But this strategy of keeping everything under wraps might backfire as in the case of Adipurush.

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The Adipurush makers also kept everything under wraps assuming they are creating some masterpiece. The look of the characters, their getups, the world of Adipurush, the quality of VFX…nothing was revealed till the teaser was unleashed. It looks like even Prabhas didn’t know how Adipurush had turned out because even he wasn’t shown anything till the teaser launch. And all hell broke loose after the teaser launch, and now there are calls for banning the film.

So it is better to keep releasing some posters and behind the scene videos during the making of the film so that the audience gets a chance to know what they should expect from the film. Also, if something isn’t up to the mark, the makers can get feedback from the audience and make timely changes for the films’ betterment. The makers of KGF, Pushpa, and RRR released good promotional material while the films were in the making which set the tone for the film.

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So Nag Ashwin and the team of Project K should keep releasing some content about Project K every few months so that there is transparency between the film and the audience. The makers will also get proper feedback about the film and they will have ample time to rework on it.

Despite knowing the terrible response from the audience, the makers of Adipurush are helpless now and can’t do anything at the eleventh hour and have to go ahead with the release of the film and hope that people don’t dislike the film as much as they disliked the teaser.

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