Warangal Srinu's Unclear Message About Attacks on Him?Ever since he was pissed with the alleged reduction of theatres for his Sankranthi surprise blockbuster ‘Krack‘, Warangal Srinu didn’t shy away from accusing Dil Raju and calling him theatre mafia who wants only his films to flourish and doesn’t think of the greater good of the industry and upcoming players in the business.

In a recent interview to a YouTube channel, he also expressed that there might be attacks on him but he wasn’t sure as he thinks that hey might nor dare to do that. Warangal Srinu says it outrightly that he was attacked, but expressed doubt that anything might happen.

Mentioning the allegations against him that he didn’t pay GST, the distributor said indirectly, “When it comes to that, I know extraordinary information about their GST accounts and theatres.” Well, that’s like throwing another fireball at his nemeses.

Talking about acquiring the rights of ‘Allu Arun’s Sukumar directorial ‘Pushpa’ for an exorbitant rate for a speculated amount of Rs. 45 crores which would have been bought for Rs. 30-35 crores, Warangal Srinu says that he has been enjoying such speculations.