Warangal Srinu Becoming Thorn In Flesh For Dil RajuWithin a short time, the latest distributor on the block in Nizam, Warangal Srinu is becoming a thorn in the flesh for established name Dil Raju. It is not about rivalry anymore that way Warangal Srinu seems to be operating.

After snatching the rights of Acharya from under the nose of Dil Raju, the latest one hears is that Warangal Srinu is upping the ante on small and medium budget films, as well.

In the coming weeks, Warangal Srinu is going to distribute Vishal’s Chakra, and Allari Naresh’s Naandhi. One among these films, under normal circumstances, would have had Dil Raju’s distribution, mostly. But, it is not the case now.

The same is turning out to be the case with many other movies where it is heard that Warangal Srinu is offering them better terms. But, so far, things are status-quo.

There is a buzz in the industry that Warangal Srinu is trying to expand his distribution beyond Nizam territory. If that happens, there will be more competition for bagging distribution rights in the coming days.

The producers won’t mind the competition as long as they get a fair deal. One only hopes, there are no issues like it happened for Krack during the Sankranthi period where it had a shortage of theatres.