Wanted to sue the doctors: Srihari’s wife
Shanti Srihari, known to most as Disco Shanti, wife of deceased actor Srihari says that the treatment given to her husband was wrong and that she wanted to sue the doctors. But as this wouldn’t bring back a person alive, she let it go, she says. Getting into details a little, Shanti reveals that the doctors maintained till the last moment that there was nothing to worry and the actor was being treated normally. The doctor’s took their time in going with the check up’s.

However all of a sudden Srihari’s health become extremely critical and was moved to the ICU. There was a pool of blood their when I forced my way into the ICU, says Shanti, which was then being attended by ten doctors. It is then she knew things have turned grave and a wrong treatment was meted out to her husband. Prior to that fateful day a year ago the actor was diagnosed with jaundice and from then onwards he has been eating only curd rice for dinner, says an aggrieved wife. She is now looking at continuing the charity activities of Akshara Foundation, set up by late Srihari.