Pic Talk: Telugu Girl Tejaswi Madivada Creative HotnessThe teaser of Tejaswi Madivada starrer ‘Commitment’ is out and there are no surprises as the title says it all about the content of the movie. The teaser also has enough kissing scenes to attract a section of audiences to it.

Speaking at a promotional event of the movie, Tejaswi said that she didn’t do making out scenes till date because she was still young to portray those emotions. Now, she had kissing scenes in ‘Commitment’.

“I wanted to kiss the guy I knew, not any random guy. I felt that Srinath is handsome and moreover, I knew him.” Going by the teaser, there would be not only intense kissing scenes but also intimate scenes.

She says that the movie is the story of every girl. Tejaswi revealed that she lived through what is called commitment. People look down upon them as they are Telugus and ask for commitment very easily. She felt uncomfortable many times and fought through it. So, it’s like her story.