I Wanted to Commit Suicide - Chalapathi RaoThe above title has nothing to do with the ongoing controversy of senior actor Chalapathi Rao and this one belongs to the days when he was struggling in his career as an artist. Chalapathi Rao opened up about his personal life in a recent interview.

He lost his wife when his three kids were still very young. Those were the days when he was struggling for offers and he had no one take care of the children. Then, he wanted to commit suicide because he was frustrated that he can’t bring them up with the meager resources he had at that time.

He decided not to marry as he was sceptical that the new girl who comes to his life might not be able to take care of them as her own children. Today, he is proud of his children. The way he took the responsibility to take care of his children and lived a life of satisfaction was very impressive.

When he wanted to join the film industry, his wife had doubts if he might be addicted to vices like drinking and illicit contacts with women. But then, when he promised her, she allowed him to go to Madras and the rest is history.