manchu-lakshmi-rani-jhansi-lakshmi-bai-biopic-rajamouli-directionLakshmi Manchu is doing a lot of television these days and we know once in a while she is also doing films. So, what is her dream role and who does she want to direct that movie? When she was asked the same, Lakshmi Manchu came out with an interesting answer.

She wanted to do a film, a biopic on freedom fighter ‘Jhansi Lakshmi Bai’ and wants director Rajamouli to helm that movie. She never revealed this before to anyone that she wants Rajamouli for her film.

Once, she was also offered the role of Shivagami in ‘Baahubali’ and it’s learnt that she rejected the offer because she was too young to do the role. Every artist in Indian Film Industry would like to have one chance in a Rajamouli’s film.

Hoping to do a biopic in Rajamouli’s direction is definitely dreaming big. Rajamouli, are you listening to Manchu Lakshmi?