Waltair Veerayya Simply dubbing and releasing the film in other language won’t quite work. Megastar Chiranjeevi got to learn it the hard way with GodFather. But incidentally, he’s repeating the same mistake again.

The latest updates are suggesting that Waltair Veerayya will be given a simultaneous release in Telugu and Hindi on the 13th of January.

In case of Godfather, despite Salman Khan’s presence the film went nowhere at the Hindi box office. Lack of strong promotional support and the remake subject were the destructors.

Now again, Veerayya is being given Hindi release, and again with very little to no promotions. With just 2 odd weeks to go, releasing the film in Hindi without much buzz going into it isn’t the wisest of ideas.

There’s the mass factor that might play into the strengths of Walitair Veerayya. But will that be enough to pull the Hindi audience to theaters in big numbers? We have to wait and see.