VV Vinayak Srinu vaitlaPost the release of Bruce Lee and Akhil, one thing that is unanimously being agreed up on is the fact that both the films lack minimum content. This has been the biggest reason why those films have been out rightly rejected despite being directed by names likes Srinu Vytla and VV Vinayak. Which brings us to the point here, is the era of the top directors of last decade over?

One can say without any doubt that director’s like Teja, Srinu Vytla, Puri Jagannadh, SS Rajamouli and VV Vinayak heralded a new generation of director stream in Telugu cinema overtaking the likes of K Raghavendra Rao, Dasari Narayana Rao, A Kodandarami Reddy etc. Among these new generation director’s some like Teja saw a quick fade after fast rise but others saw a steady and consistent rise making them stars in their own.

In their first decade as director they have delivered massive success and classics of their own but now in the past few years all but SS Rajamouli have declined in quality. Their contents are getting worse with each passing film so much so that today they are getting instant rejection. And from the look of things, going by their respective formulas it looks very difficult for them to bounce back.

They could have success here and there but the class that they used to bring is definitely gone. Is this therefore the end of a very successful era of our big directors? It surely feels that way but more pressing worry here seems to be no ready replacements for them. This could be a bigger worry to TFI in coming days undoubtedly.