VV Vinayak Nagarjuna Akhil movie‘I have watched the film at least for 100 times during the process of making the film and every time I felt the same excitement and can’t move my eyes off it every time. Akhil seems like a ‘lightning wire’ says Vinayak. He thinks that he did fulfill his promise to Nagarjuna for launching his son grandly.

Speaking during the Audio Platinum Disc Function, Vinayak reveals the wide release the film is going to get overseas because of his friend Subba Rao. The film is going to release on 168 screens amidst big releases from Hindi and Tamil, which is a big thing for any debut movie.

Both Vinayak and Akhil thanked producer Sudhakar Reddy for being the backbone for this large scale making of the film. Akhil says, he fell in love with Vinayak more than his heroine Sayesha and Akhil lauds Vinayak’s caring nature and the wonderful experience he gave to him for his debut movie. Akhil seemed a bit emotional while talking about his director.