Vulgour or decent-Tamanna?There is a very thin line between vulgarity and aesthetic scene. Even nudity presented in a aesthetic sense doesn’t look Vulgar. But the lies in the yes of the beholder. Tamanna is presently caught in one such debate on what is aesthetic and what is Vulgar.

When you see the above pic of Tamanna, what comes to your kind first? Wow! If that’s the first expression, then her transparent dress can be said nothing vulgar. But if your first expression is ‘Ohhh!’ then it’s Vulgar. Now the Bollywood media and local Telugu media is divided on deciding whether Tamanna’s dress is Vulgar or decent.

While the local Telugu media thinks that though Tamanna is cute in the transparent dress, she is a bit Vulgar and she didn’t need to wear such an attention seeking dress for the occasion of a press conference of IIFA. However, Bollywood media finds her dress bold but very decent.

You can check for yourself and decide which side you would like to take; whether you agree with local media that the dress is Vulgar or with Bollywood media that the dress isn’t obscene.