The book “Vodka With Varma”, is hitting stands in another 24 hours. It is known that the cover page of the book was released little while ago and now the back page is here with some excerpts from the book printed on it.

Here is the translated version of those lines.

  • “It is twenty years since I sat and completed a book in one sitting. After so many years, ‘Vodka With Varma’ made me do that.” – Puri Jagannadh (film director)
  • Some call Varma a Psycho, few others call him extremist and some call him a rebel to society. He is also called as womanizer, devil, Sadist by some others”- Sirasri (author)
  • “Ramu has an intelligent boy and a totally innocent grown up man inside him”- Ratna (RGV’s ex-wife)
  • “I have always seen ‘Ramu Naana’ as a best friend and never as a father”-Revathi (RGV’s daughter)

The book comprises 215 pages with ample number of pictures related to RGV’s personal and professional life and also the witty answers from RGV under the chapter titled ‘munching’. The book is priced at Rs 125/- and published by Emesco.

Vodka With Varma BOOK