After an enthralling and thought-provoking speech from Pawan Kalyan yesterday, on the launch of Jana Sena party, vocal bullets were fired on him from Congress members, as expected. Many Congress members, including his own brother Chiranjeevi, have made comments over his speech.

Chiranjeevi said that many parties have come and said ‘Congress Hatao’ but not one succeeded in doing that (Did he forget? He also said it). Congress is a party with a history of more than a century and no one can tackle it. And has said that it was Congress party which gave people of India an opportunity to call themselves Indians, to Pawan’s quote of “I’m just an Indian; no caste, religion or race.”

Ponnam Prabhakar has said that Congress is definitely the ‘Ganga’ of politics and it was the reason for most of the political parties’ existence. Even Chandrababu Naidu and KCR came into politics through Congress only, he said. He also warned Pawan that he will rip his skin!

Minority Minister, Amhadullah has said that Jana Sena is a very small party and no matter how much it tries, it cannot disturb the prospects of Congress. Maybe his mental state was imbalanced due to his personal issues at home, he added.

Kommatireddy Venkat Reddy said that Pawan’s speech criticized the women of this state. That it would disturb the Children. He rhetorically requested someone to take him to a mental hospital and get him treated.

Other ministers have also criticized saying that Pawan Kalyan doesn’t know half of the problems of the society and is now speaking of completely destroying Congress politically. Maybe he just came up and read a script as he does in movies.

The quote “Congress Hatao, Desh Bachao” have got the brain cells of people running, will people continue their support to Jana Sena till the elections and help him “Hatao Congress and Bachao Desh” ?