Pawan kalyan vivek oberoi photo

Vivek Oberoi who appears in Ram Gopal Varma’s movie Rakht Charitra was recently in town to attend the historically significant swearing in ceremony of CM Chandra Babu Naidu in AP. Many people have wondered about the reasons that brought him to the event and speculations arose when he was seen seated next to Pawan Kalyan who incidentally played a big part in Babu’s victory. Vivek Oberoi, however explained when talking to a leading daily that he is very far removed from politics but Naidu had invited the Bollywood actor since their families share close ties. Interestingly enough, Vivek Oberoi calls Pawan as ‘Pawan Anna’ and he had nothing but praises for him. Vivek said that he used to like Pawan for his films but now the actor has given him many other reasons to love him.

Vivek further shared this little tidbit about the Powerstar. According to Vivek, when he told Pawan about his blood drive camp, Pawan immediately extended his support. This proves that Pawan is not only a movie icon, but he is also a people’s person. I’m planning to meet Pawan Anna soon, said Vivek Oberoi.