Vivegam 120 Cr Pre-Release Biz - All Hype No Truth!When Ajith’s film is coming, the pre-release buzz and the hype on the movie would naturally be very high and one can expect big numbers and stats making rounds. The pre-release business is said to be around Rs. 120 crores.

But, that looks like a big hype rather the truth. Ajith indeed commands good numbers. However, Rs. 120 crores are something not believable and we know such numbers are circulated to maintain the hype, promote the film and build up immense craze for the film.

No doubt, the openings of a movie like ‘Vivegam‘ (coming as ‘Vivekam’ in Telugu) will be big at the box-office. The response to the teaser of the film was indeed tremendous and the movie is carrying big hype. Comparing to ‘Baahubali as the next big film is only to inflate the figures for the publicity. What is your opinion?