Viswaroopam to have major cuts?

Kamal Haasan’s ‘Vishwaroopam’ is yet again in a controversy, this time it’s because some Muslim communities consider the portrayal of Muslims in the movie is offensive. The Tamil Nadu government banned the film on the eve of its release last week due to the same reasons but the Actor-turned-director feels differently and stated, “Any neutral and patriotic Muslim will surely feel pride on seeing my film. It was designed for that purpose.”

Furthermore, he described the ban as “cultural terrorism”. The censor board, which already cleared the film for release, also disapproves of the state government’s interference. Leela Samson, Chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification said that, “Even if there is any discrimination or any such against a community we are here to raise our voice even before the state government. Once we certify, I think the public should be allowed to watch the movie.”

A source says that Haasan has been asked to edit the film by almost an hour to ascertain its release, but Haasan does not agree with the proposal. Chandra Haasan, Kamal Haasan’s brother who produced the film, said that, “Depending upon the way in which the judgment goes, the loss will be between Rs. 55-80 crore. We don’t know if the theatre will take up the movies, this is a matter of law. If the movie had to hurt the sentiments of any community, we wouldn’t have made it.”