Viswaroopam Live Updates

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– Rahul wife’s health issue..English lady comes for treatment.
– Kamal back in Kashmir to train …Song started.
– Wasim Ahmed Kashmiri is the full name of Kamal, he is a Afghanistani.
– Nasar entry. Flash back started.
– Followers kill Deep in head with frightening Kamal. Kamal stats fighting back with gun and sword. Good BG score.
– They are hitting Kamal.
– Viswanath, Deep and Neeru (female lead) are friends. Deep turns out with bad guys.
– Kamal’s name is Viswanath.
– Private detective was killed by Rahu Bose followers.
– Rahul bose with puts an eye from a bowl. He does not have an eye. His followers
– Kamal with lady gestures.
– Visharoopam Live Updates Starting soon.