Vishwaroopam Live Updates

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– Smal kid and doctors dies. Emotional scene. They hide americans in cave.
– Rahul son wants to become a doctor but he teaches him weapons. They go to a place in Afgan it’s blasted.
– Rahul wife has Asthama..English women comes to treat her.
– Song while training.
– Rahul, Nassar and Kamal in flash back. Kamal comes to Kashmir to train Afgan Alkida.
– Nassar entry. Flash back. Wasim Ahmed Kashmiri ..Kamal full name. He is Afghanistani.
– Rahul says Kamal gave training to….(don’t want to reveal to keep the tempo when you watch).
– Kamal is killing people like meat with sword and gun each in one hand.
– Deep gets killed and followers threaten Kamal. Excellent back ground score here.
– Rahul Bose ..I will say villian has tapped a video saying bomb in New York.
– Kamal, Deep and heroine Neeru are friends. Turns out Deep is along with bad guys.
– Kamal’s name is Viswath. But he says his name is Tawfik.
– Rahu Bose entry.He doesn’t have an eye. His followers kill a private detective and concert it to a suicide.
– Kamal appears with girlish body language (show already in few minutes late).
– Vishwaroopam Live Updates Starting soon.