Vishwaroopam 2 release unlikely soon
It appears unlikely that Kamal Haasan’s magnum opus Vishwaroopam 2 will have a release anytime soon, not even for Sankranti. According to a source close the film’s sound designer, major portion of the film’s sound designing just begun a few day ago. And the source said that the process will continue till the end of February next year.

This means that the film will only come during March next year or preferably for Tamil new year in April. Haasan had already spent nearly 10 months on the project since the release of the first part and still there’s no clarity on the film’s release. The initial buzz was that Kamal had completed both the parts together and since the film was very long to release as one part, he decided to cut it and release it in two parts.

If this is the case, then it’s going to be very tough of Haasan to impress his fans who have eagerly waiting for his film are likely to be disappointed when they hear about this delay.