Vishwak Sen’s Plan: Hit or Flop?Vishwak Sen created a sensation of sorts after he got into a heated argument with Devi Nagavalli of TV9 during the promotions of his latest film. The heated argument was shown live on TV and went viral. Some slammed the anchor for her rude behavior and the others supported the actor.

But there were also a few who termed this issue a staged one and he did this to promote his new film Ashoka Vanam Lo Arjuna Kalyanam. There is no denying the fact that the movie got good attention after this controversy. Vishwak Sen is successful in generating publicity that is worth lakhs for his film after this prank episode.

But the big question is will it bring people to theaters? Times have changed and it is hard to escape the OTT scare for small films these days. But the content and audio look decent.

If the decent reviews and positive word of mouth come out, it will push the film utilizing the buzz this controversy has created.