Vishwak-Sen-in-Soup-over-NTR's-Birthday-VideoVishwak Sen’s Rap Song video treat for NTR’s birthday has got him into a soup as the music director of the original tract of the rap song, Vivek Sagar is quite unhappy about using his tune.

Vivek Sagar is totally miffed that the tune he has composed for an original soundtrack was used for the rap song despite his repeated requests to take down it. He lambasted actor Abhinav Gomatam for applauding the song using his tune.

He accused Vishwak Sen of killing the vibe of the song that he has composed for the sake of using it in a movie, not for birthday wishes. Vivek Sagar is miffed that Vishwak Sen didn’t listen to his concerns.

The music director has said through his social media posts that he is going to pursue the matter further by involving Sony Music. Looks like, this matter is going to create a storm in a tea-cup kinda controversy. Let’s wait and see.