Vishwaksen M9 InterviewVishwak Sen is coming up with a comedy action thriller, Das Ka Dhamki. He has also produced and directed the film. During an exclusive chitchat with our team, Vishwak revealed some juicy details about the film.

After the trailer, though everyone was impressed, many found that the film had some resemblances to Gopichand’s Goutam Nanda, Megastar’s Rowdy Alludu, and other films.

Vishwak Sen said his film might seem similar to other films from the trailer, but after watching the film, the audience will be amazed to watch a completely different film, as we have not revealed the main conflict in the trailer.

Vishwak Sen said that the first half of the film will have all the regular entertainment stuff but after the interval, the story will take a completely new turn which will shock the audience. No one will see it coming and the film will become an edge-of-the-seat thriller that will be a mind-blasting experience for the audience.

The film’s story and screenplay have been provided by Prasanna Kumar Bezawada, who is sailing high these days after the blockbuster success of Ravi Teja’s Dhamaka.