Vishwak Sen Demands Apology in 24 Hours, If Not?

Vishwak Sen Demands ApologyVishwak Sen is one of those actors who doesn’t mince words when he wants to express his opinion frankly and openly. Through a short video, he directly challenged a YouTube channel that used a misleading thumbnail for the sake of getting more views.

That thumbnail read, “How shameless is her life?” and also added, “Vishwak! I’ll offer whatever you want, shamelessly!” This wasn’t what Nandita Swetha said when Vishwak Sen attended the song launch event of her film ‘Akshara’.

The actress said that she was happy and thankful that Vishwak Sen came for the song launch event. But, the same was twisted and used as a thumbnail and that irked Vishwak Sen who issued an open warning telling them, “If you don’t tender an apology within 24 hours, I’ll find out your address and make you do that.”

His anger is justified when he said that how can one think so cheaply of any woman who didn’t say those words and he questioned if they will do the same and create a similar thumbnail for a woman from their family. Several YouTube video makers have been using this tactic with misleading thumbnails and it’s the right time that needs to be stopped.

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