Vishwak Sen Carrying More Burden Than He Can?Vishwak Sen is coming up with a hardcore mass-oriented film, Das Ka Dhamki. Going by trailer, Dhamki seems to be the costliest project in Vishwak’s brief career. Das Ka Dhamki has shades of Gopichand’s Gowtham Nanda directed by Sampath Nandi.

Vishwak Sen’s past few films were average content wise and box office results also were not too encouraging. His market is still not more than 10 crores. But Dhamki looks to be made on a budget that is much bigger than Vishwak Sen’s market going by trailer.

Vishwak Sen is directing the film and also producing it. The talk in the industry is that he is biting off more than he can chew. He is overburdening himself even before properly establishing his career as a hero.

Das Ka Dhamki is like a gamble for him. If he can pull it off that would boost his confidence big time. If it fails then he will have to carry the blame of direction department as well this time.